Notes for donation of a body to Cardiff Medical College

There circulates more disinformation and myth than the records of ancient Greece and Rome.  If you feel this is important and something worth considering please acquire for yourself the up-to-date and factual details of the whole process.  Here is the copy of a "letter" from students to the donors and families.

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Medical teaching and research value immensely the selfless donation of mortal remains from which so much valuable information and learning is gained.  The  letter shown above gives an insight of the gratitude of those students and professionals who depend on our generosity of spirit to further their own expertise thus bringing benefit to so many other people. Those who would like to donate their body for the education of young doctors and for research by many other medical professionals should in the first instance write for the details and the Consent Form.  The address here is for the Cardiff Medical College in Wales but if necessary I feel sure they will be pleased to redirect you to a college that is more appropriate to your location.


The Bequeathal Office
School of Biosciences
Cardiff University
Museum Avenue
Cardiff  CF10 3AX

Telephone:  02920 874 370


Direct advice and comment from Sylvester Crowley widower of Isabel 
who donated her body to Cardiff University